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Archaeological Assessments Stage 2 Survey

Archaeological Assessments

Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants Inc. (TMHC) specializes in government-mandated archaeological assessments. Based in London, Ontario, TMHC has conducted projects throughout the province, including Northern and Eastern Ontario.

We have also worked with all manner of development including: infrastructure, green energy, subdivision/residential, urban/downtown core, aggregate, mining, and with a wide variety of private and public entities. 

Archaeological assessments are completed in a staged fashion, as required by provincial government regulations.

Stage 1 assessment is a detailed background study of the land use and geological history of the property and its topographic, physical and historical setting, and vegetation. The goal of Stage 1 assessment is to determine the potential for the discovery of archaeological sites on the property.

Stage 2 assessment (or field survey) consists of a pedestrian or "walk over" of a ploughed fields and/or shovel testing of grassed or wooded areas. Alternative techniques are employed in the assessment of urban areas.

If sites are found, Stage 3 testing may follow, usually involving test excavations to determine the size, nature and significance of the site.

If the testing is productive and a site is deemed significant, Stage 4 mitigation work is conducted. This may involve negotiating avoidance measures to preserve all or part of the site in a park-like green space, partial excavation, or complete excavation.

All stages of fieldwork are followed by an inventory and analysis of the artifacts recovered and the completion of an assessment report.