Archaeological Master Plans and Heritage Training

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Archaeological Master Plans and Heritage-Planning Training

Due to a lack of resources, the provincial government is unable to provide timely training to municipal staff on cultural heritage concerns in the land-use planning process.

Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants Inc. (TMHC) offers Cultural Resource Management seminars to municipal planning departments across Ontario to help planners implement the provisions of the Planning Act through the identification of archaeological potential and known heritage sites.

Addressing these concerns early in the planning phase can limit discoveries during construction which can trigger expensive delays. Understanding where known archaeological sites are located and where new archaeological sites are likely to be found enables more effective risk management for developers and regional/municipal authorities.

One formal means of achieving a high level of risk management is through the development of an archaeological management plan (AMP). With decades of experience in the field of archaeological management, TMHC is one of only a handful of firms capable of developing AMPs and other comprehensive heritage planning tools for municipal land-use planning.