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TMHC has continually endeavoured to refine its process for data collection and documentation through investments in staff, technology, research and development and a steadfast commitment to the prioritization of quality control. TMHC works with its staff, its clients and stakeholder communities to develop clear approaches and expectations to achieve desirable outcomes.

TMHC has been a leader in Ontario's cultural resource management industry since its inception in 2003. Building on their previous employment in the Province's regulatory sector, TMHC principals are active participants in the  development of industry-wide policy and best practices.


Education and Public Outreach
Community access projects oriented toward public education

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Built Heritage Assessments
Documentation and Evaluation of Heritage Structures

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Archaeological Assessments
Government-required Stage One, Two, Three, and Four Assessments

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Cemeteries Research
Sensitive Human Remains Investigations

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Cultural Heritage Inventories
Recognize, Record and Plan for Community Heritage Resources

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Archaeological Master Plans and Heritage Planning Training
Local Government Heritage Tools and Training

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TMHC is dedicated to providing high quality archaeological consulting and GIS solutions through investments in

our people

our process

our partnerships

our innovation and technology

It is through these investments that we uphold our commitment to the ethical and efficient documentation of the past