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Sherri Pearce, MA - Project Manager

Sherri Pearce received a B.A. (Hon.) in Anthropology specializing in archaeology and First Nations studies from the University of Western Ontario in 2006 and she went on to complete a M.A. in Anthropology at the same institution in 2008. Sherri specializes in Small Point Archaic lithic use and procurement and in Woodland Period village sites, the most notable being the Pipeline site (AiGx-12) and the Rattlesnake Point site (AiGx-172), dating to ca. 1400 - 1425 A.D. and 1630 – 1650 A.D. respectively and where the remains of 11 longhouses were uncovered.

Sherri’s experience also extends to 19th century sites. Sherri supervised and assisted excavations at the Victoria Park Site (AfHh-244), the location of the former British framed infantry barracks in the City of London, Ontario. Since receiving her Professional Licence in 2009 Sherri has supervised over 300 archaeological assessments. Ms. Pearce is an active member of the Ontario Archaeological Society and the Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology.

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